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But that is all about to change, and I am willing to stake my reputation on it.

This is finally "It."

An opportunity we haven't seen in at least 7 years.

In fact, I'd argue it's been closer to 30 years since we've seen the fundamentals align as perfectly as they are today.

"It" is a chance to generate total returns of 55.9%, even 90.1% or more over the next 2 years just as investors did 7 years ago.

A once-in-a-decade opportunity to lock in yields of 5%, 7%, even 10% and higher right now.

And you can generate these returns and sky-high yields right now with below-average risk.

Look, nearly two years ago, I warned that crude oil prices would plummet to $30/bbl. I advised readers to sell high-flying energy stocks like Linn Energy, Seadrill, Hi-Crush Partners, National Oilwell Varco EVEN global giants like Halliburton.

Those calls helped readers of my newsletter,Energy & IncomeAdvisor, avoid losses of 30 to 95 percent associated with the energy price collapse that started in the summer of 2014.

And all of those successful calls and warnings were based on one very simple chart. I can't promise you that if you understand this chart you'll call the exact highs and lows in oil prices.

However, I'm not exaggerating when I say that this chart is the key to generating real wealth and a solid income stream from investing in energy stocks over the long haul. Look, here's the good news.

For the first time in nearly two years, I'm turning bullish on energy stocks because this same simple chart is telling me it's time to buy right now.

The last time the energy price cycle lined up like this, some large MLPs we recommended scored gains of 94.6%, 122.2%, 126.4% EVEN 157.5% over just a two year holding period. And we believe the gains for select energy stocks and MLPs (some with yields of 10 percent or higher right now) could be even bigger this time around.

Listen, at the Las Vegas Money Show earlier this month, attendees were shocked by what I had to say about the power of this cycle and this one simple chart.

To explain exactly how the energy price cycle works and where oil prices and energy stocks are headed next If you want to understand how to position yourself to profit from this once-in-a-decade shift while avoiding some dangerous investing pitfalls that will trap many unwary investors, then I urge you to watch this video.

Challenge every single one of my facts and you'll find that I'm right about each allegation I make. And then you can decide for yourself.

It's between 5 and 7 o'clock for the global energy cycle and that means a new uptrend is just getting started.

Trust me, if history is any guide, you'll want to jump aboard the recovery before the improving fundamentals are obvious to everyone.

However, take this warning: There are still plenty of energy companies (including some of the most popular and widely recommended names) that will not benefit from the steady healing of the industry over the next few years.

You'll need to construct your portfolio carefully to avoid these tempting but very dangerous pitfalls.

My colleague Roger Conrad and I have spent countless hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars researching MLPs and energy stocks, attending industry conferences and studying past energy cycles.

And we've developed a simple 3 Step Quick Start Plan to help you generate real wealth and income from your energy investment portfolio starting immediately.

First, let me tell you a little bit about the 3 steps we’re recommending.

Quick Start Profit Step #1: How an Italian Dessert Could Make You Some Serious Cash.

Simply put, over the next two years, I believe there will be an epic buying spree in one of North America’s largest oil and gas fields.

A round of deal-making that could make the energy merger boom of the late 1980s and early 1990s look like child's play in fact.

It's already happening. Energy giant ExxonMobil has a small army of experienced oilmen and geologists in the field looking to grab drilling acreage or form joint ventures with companies in this play.

In fact, Exxon already grabbed an additional 48,000 acres in this region as part of two deals closed in August.

Another US producer with 3.2 million acres in this field was recently approached about an acquisition by a larger competitor, helping send the stock up close to60 percent less than 2 months.

And, private equity - the market’s “smart" money - is also getting involved. It's estimated that private equity firms have raised more than $50 billion to fund more than 80 teams that are scouring this section of the US, looking for acreage to buy at attractive prices.

Look, to understand why this field is so attractive, you just have to understand the difference between a jelly donut and tiramisu. Conventional oilfields are like jelly donuts. Oil in the reservoir is trapped in the pores of reservoir rock under tremendous pressure so producers simply drill into that formation, allowing the oil to flow into the well naturally. Shale fields are more like tiramisu Oil (and gas) are trapped in layers of rock underground. The best shale fields - like the best tiramisu - contain multiple “stacked" layers of productive shale formations.

Each of these layers can be produced independently using a combination of horizontal drilling and fracturing. The shale field that's attracting the attention of ExxonMobil and so many other massive producers in the US today is potentially the largest and tastiest piece of tiramisu ever discovered, anywhere in the world. This ultra-productive play spans an area that's larger than the entire State of Washington and contains as much as 5,000 feet of stacked, productive oil-bearing layers for producers to target. A single layer of this play holds as much as 75 billion barrels of oil. That's enough to supply the entire world with oil for two years. Bottom line: Some producers in the region can earn 30 to 40 percent returns on wells in this field EVEN with oil as low as $35 per barrel.

Look, after months of research and fine-tuning, Roger Conrad and I have developed a strategy for identifying and accumulating the best-placed energy stocks at the bottom of this supply cycle for crude oil. In fact, this strategy is already paying dividends for readers of Energy & Income Advisor. Since January alone, this strategy has produced total returns of 20.3% in a major pipeline firm, 27.4% in one of America's biggest (and best) shale producers and 61.2% in a play on the giant tiramisu shale field. However, there's only a short window to act. These opportunities typically come and go in a matter of just days. We call it our "Dream Buys" strategy and we've assembled all of the details in a comprehensive 22-page report titled "Making Dreams a Reality: How to Profit from the Buying Opportunity of a Lifetime.”

This report will explain in great detail: How to time with shocking accuracy the true bottom for oil prices. The "tiramisu" shale field that's getting so much attention from private equity firms and big oil giants like ExxonMobil. And exactly which companies hold the best acreage in what one energy market insider recently called "the richest land on Earth." The Houston-based company that's perfected a series of exciting new drilling technologies, reducing the time it takes to drill a well in one of its core shale fields from more than 20 days in 2012 to as little as 5.6days today, dramatically reducing the cost of drilling wells and boosting its returns.

Our comprehensive shopping list of more than 20 energy companies and high-yield, tax-advantaged Master Limited Partnerships. Including our exclusive "Dream Buy" strategy that shows you exactly how and when to buy these stocks.

Quick Start Profit Step #2: The Most Important Day of the Year for Income Investors

Mark your calendar: Monday June 6th is the biggest day of the year for income investors. A day that can literally mean the difference between making serious money and regular income from stocks yielding 8%, 10% or even more or losing your shirt in a tempting high-yield trap that's on the verge of slashing its payout, leaving you with sickening losses. Listen, most financial pundits and newsletter writers live in an ivory tower, picking stocks based on what they read in press releases and Wall Street research.

There's nothing wrong with that, but it's only half the story. To find the under-the-radar high-yield names, you need to do more digging and on-the-ground research. That means attending financial and industry conferences, Analyst Day events and industrial site visits. To make serious money you need to talk to management, Wall Street analysts and others in-the-know to identify the most profitable high-yield opportunities. We take the time to do boots-on-the-ground research so you make the truly big money.

Look, if you're the sort of investor looking for regular income from your investments. I'm talking about stocks offering yields of 6%, 8%. Even 10% or higher. Then you simply can't afford to miss what's happening on June 6, 2016.I'm not exaggerating. It's the most important money-making opportunity of the year for income investors if you're prepared to take advantage. Each year in late May or early June, we spend three full days watching corporate presentations, attending management question and answer sessions.

You see, that's when we attend the annual MLP Investor Conference put on by the MLP Association formerly known as the National Association of Publicly Traded Partnerships. It's the biggest event of the year for the high-yield, tax-advantaged Master Limited Partnerships. An event I've been attending for more than a decade. And our boots on the ground research produced profitable ideas like these. A small firm with a yield of 10.2% and little analyst coverage on Wall Street that we uncovered at the MLP Conference back in 2013.

Many investors gave up on this high-yield Master Limited Partnership after it lost a lucrative contract with one of its major customers. Yet, management was convincing. The partnership quickly replaced the contract they lost, a sign that demand for their product remained strong. The firm's main product is key to America’s shale oil and gas production boom. Back in 2013, the shale boom was in full swing and investors quickly caught on to the value of this MLP, sending the shares soaring 164.6%in the one year after were commended the stock. Or how about two years ago when oil prices and MLPs were soaring and the MLP Investor Conference saw record attendance? Well, back in May 2014 after attending the conference we warned readers about several high-flying MLPs that we saw as very, very dangerous investments.

We warned readers that the 21.8% rally in shares of coal producer Rhino Resources since the end of 2013 was likely to unravel in epic fashion in the second half of the year. You see, back then investors were attracted to Rhino's big yield but were ignoring the glaring pricing risks in the coal market. Sure enough, Rhino collapsed 81.8 percent from the time of the conference in 2014 through the end of that same year and has completely eliminated its distribution payments. Our calls to sell QR Energy LP, Southcross Energy Partners and Ferrell gas Partners also proved prescient. These three stocks plummeted an average of 55.7percent in the 12 months following the 2014 MLP conference.

Even last year's conference, held in the midst of a terrible downturn for the energy patch, helped produce some serious value for our readers. We highlighted refined product pipeline MLPs as a good place to hide from the market storms and this group has indeed outperformed the industry-benchmark Alerian MLP Index over the past year by around 7 percent. But, here's what's really important. We haven't been this excited about the Annual MLP Investor Conference in many years. You see, three crucial profit triggers are emerging for the group and these three triggers only come into alignment once every7 to 10 years. If you want to know exactly which’ll to buy to take advantage of this once-in-a-decade buying opportunity. And which MLPs are still vulnerable to distribution cuts and likely to cost investors just like you some serious cash. Then trust me, you must get your hands on our special video report on the MLP Investor Conference due to be released Monday June 6, 2016.

In this special video event we'll give you our top picks and pans from the MLP Investor Conference gleaned from countless hours of presentations, Q&A sessions and buttonhole conversations. And, in just a moment, I'll explain exactly how if you ACT NOW you can gain access to our special MLP video report, due to be released June 6th with absolutely no risk or obligation. This is our most popular bonus report of the year and we've not been this excited about the opportunities in energy stocks and MLPs in at least 7 years.

However, due to technical constraints, we're strictly limiting attendance at this online event and it's filling up fast. I'll explain exactly how you can reserve your place risk-free in just a moment. Time is of the essence and we want to make sure you're signed up for this exclusive event and ready to buy into our top ideas by the time the market opens Monday June 6th. And that brings me to this.

Quick Start Profit Step #3: The Secret "Gentleman's Investment" That's Built Real Wealth for Some of the World's Richest Families for Centuries

WARNING: I'm about to tell you about an investment that's way, way outside the consensus right now. It's an investment many of Wall Street’s biggest banks have been telling investors to avoid for much of the past 3 years (though a few are now coming around to our way of thinking). But, this is an investment you'd be absolutely crazy to ignore. An asset class that offers investors yields of up to 8.8% right now with fraction of the risk inherent in investing in the stock market. Look, I'm talking about an asset class that's always been a bedrock of wealth for the world's richest families.

Including dynasties like the Rothschilds in Europe, and the Rockefellers in the US. This asset class has been so synonymous with wealth over the centuries it's been called the Gentleman’s Investment. Listen, I'm referring to bonds. Many on Wall Street and in the financial media have been spouting the age-old line that the US Federal Reserve has just started hiking interest rates for the first time since 2006. And, rising interest rates are very bad news for bonds. Well, there are a few problems with that reasoning. However, let's just start with the most obvious one: The US economy is simply too weak tallow the Fed to hike rates this year (or next year). Listen, when the Fed started hiking rates in June 2004, the US economy was growing at 3 percent. When they started hiking rates in June 1999 the US economy was growing at 3.3 percent. And in February 1994 when the Fed hiked 0.25 percent, GDP was rising at an annualized rate of 4 percent. Yet, right now, the US economy is growing at no better than1 percent. And the US Federal government’s total debt stands at more than 104 percent of GDP.

Paying the interest and servicing that debt cost our nation about $402.44 billion last year. And that's with US interest rates pretty close to all-time record lows. Just imagine what it would cost to service that debt if US rates rose even another 1 percent or so. Bottom line: It's a huge mistake NOT to put a portion of your portfolio in bonds. We’ve assembled all of our top energy bond recommendations in a brand new special report entitled "Energy Bonds: Big Yields Abound for Savvy Investors". I'd like to send you a copy of this16-page PDF report today with absolutely no risk or obligation.

Download this report today and learn:

All the details of a 5-year bond issued by a high-quality producer with acreage in America's richest oilfield. Buy this bond and earn a yield of 6.4%.

How bondholders actually profit handsomely when MLPs cut their distributions. This simple "panic trade" can make you some serious cash during energy market downturns.

There's some risk this MLP will be forced to cut its distributions to unitholders this year due to weakness in its assets in southern Texas but that's good news for bondholders (less cash for shareholders means more cash to pay debts). Buy this bond today and lock in a low risk8.8 percent yield.

Backed by one of America's largest and best-run energy producers, this company is a leader in the Niobrara Shale and has low risk bonds yielding a shocking 7.3 percent.

How a high profile "Bear Raid" could score you a 6.7 yielding this company's bonds.

So, how can you get started with our simple 3 Step Quick Start Profit Plan today? I’m not asking you to make any long-term commitments today. All I'm asking is that you give our research and recommendations a look- including access to everything I’ve mentioned in this letter and an exclusive invitation to our June 6th MLP Conference Strategy Session - at absolutely no risk or obligation. Click the Subscribe Now button below this video and take a trial subscription to my newsletter, Energy & Income Advisor, at our special subscription rate and I will immediately give you access to the premium reports I've outlined.

Join us for our exclusive VIP MLP Conference Strategy Session on June 6th. Read two in-depth issues of Energy & Income Advisor, packed with advice on the latest trends in the energy industry from oil services firms to MLPs and the hottest US-based energy producers. Get unlimited access to our extensive archives. Review our model portfolios of energy stock recommendations including stocks appropriate for both income and growth-focused investors.

If you don't agree Energy & Income Advisor is worth every penny of the subscription price, cancel in the first 30 days and we'll refund 100% of the cost absolutely no questions asked. Even better, for a limited time we’re offering Energy & Income Advisor at our discounted introductory price. A discounted rate we'll be eliminating forever when we raise the subscription rate for our service later on this year. Sign up for a risk-free trial subscription to Energy & Income Advisor today, read our latest issues of Energy and Income Advisor, join our special VIP MLP Conference webinar on June 6th - then decide.

If you're not convinced Energy & Income Advisor is for you, cancel in the first 30 days, keep your copies of all of our bonus Premium Reports with our compliments and receive a full 100% refund with no questions asked. I guarantee it. I hope you'll consider this offer seriously. I know in my heart it will be one of the best financial moves you ever make. But please hurry. Due to technical constraints we've limited the June 6th webinar to the first 100 new subscribers to respond to this offer and it's filling up fast.

To join us, simply click the “Subscribe Now" button below this video, which will take you to a secure order form. You'll have access to all of the research and information covered in this letter in a matter of just minutes. Here’s to your wealth. To start your risk-free trial, please click the Subscribe Now button below this video and joins today.

Quotes from Elliott & Roger

There is a unique opportunity in the market to buy at the bottom for energy investors right now. Roger and I have been watching the cyclical downturns for decades and the current market conditions are really exciting for us and our subscribers...

Elliott Gue Co-Founder & Publisher; Energy & Income Advisor

I keep running into energy investors and experts who paint with a broad brush when it comes to buying at the bottom of this cycle. The reality is that a lot of people are going to lose their shirt in this market with that attitude. My hope is to help steer investors into the best options available right now and to lock in consistent dividends.

Roger S. Conrad Co-Founder; Energy & Income Advisor

"Energy & Income Advisor is the best resource for MLP investors..."

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